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  •  Architect Jussi Vepsäläinen and photographer Jussi Tiainen have produced this well illustrated, easy-to-use paperback that adds to the idea of Helsinki as a wooden city. Most of the more than a hundred sites are easily accessible public buildings. Through the short texts, the reader gets an idea of the typical details of Finish architecture.

  • The identity of this city is a synthesis of urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture. Espoo – Everyday Architecture provides an overview of the civic architecture and environmental construction of the fastest-growing city in the Nordic countries of the 21st century. The book presents 35 case studies ranging from hospitals to schools,...

  • This boook covers ten architectural object having in common to place the human being at the center of the archietural conception. Juha Leiviskä, Pentti Kareoja, Seppo Häkli and Sari Nieminen, are some of the architects represented here, all contributing a text in order to understand their concepts.

  • Architect Olli Pekka Jokela (born 1955) is a well-known Finnish architect of the modern line.  This book presents his versatile production from the end of the 80’s until the present. Jokela has designed both public buildings and residential houses. This catalog is illustrated by photographs and drawings with an introduction written by architect...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items