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  • Catalogues Atelier 340

    In the context of its exhibitions of three dimensional art, Atelier 340 Muzeum has developed its own publishing house. The catalogs produced by Atelier 340 are a trace of the reflexive work accomplished during the creation of the exhibitions and are furthermore a perfect promotional tool for the artists involved.

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  • Artist Prints

    Atelier 34zero Muzeum distributes also artist prints in limited edition. Each of theses books invite us to discover a really special world.

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  • Intuitive movement reunites the artists Dougherty and Maryniak.Both artists seem to have opposite approaches. One uses branches, associated with nature, the other one iron, associated with industrial production, as basic material. Looking at their way of assembling those materials, building interwoven and monumental in situ structures, one distinguishes a...

  • Black, but not in sculpture as such; rather in a particular relationship to the surface, in a clear emphasis on its presence, in an obvious desire to link or separate material and colour; around the notions of what sculpture is, of vibrations, of questioning by looking; by insisting on the role of light in our perception of things... 

  • Since 1985, the Belgian artist Bob Verschueren has concentrated on vegetal installations, an approach to nature that is free of romantic vision and symbolism and even ecological messages. The installations are created to fit each location individually and made using vegetal and mineral elements gathered from the immediate surroundings.

  • This publication does not try to put its weight on animal or plant art but to highlight works consisting of elements borrowed from the animal and plant world, even integrating alive animals. The animal and the plant in this context are to be understood in their minimal sense : as a constituent element of an artistic and visual material.  

  • This book confronts two artists working with accumulations of particles : on the one hand there is Gheerardijn who shows heaps of flies, referring to the notion of a mass grave. One the other hand, Knaflewski, with thousands of little roots looking like tadpoles or sperm that can transform into little crosses as if there were an incarnated...

  • The artists represented in this catalog share a same process : the systematic use of colorful manufactured objects, thus exploiting their chromatic potential to later on revisit them from a critical point of view. Begins hence a reflexion about this new colorful, constructed environment imposed on us by the industrial world.

  • How does Finland, one of the countries with the lowest population density in the worlds, manage to express the importance of nature and the animal in its art ? Through numerous sculptures and installations, the ten artists present in this publication try to share their visions and feelings, permitting us to better understand, not Finish art as a...

  • Through numerous photographs and explanatory texts, this catalog shows works of international artists, who have been interested, once or regularly, in the subject of constellations. In the catalog, the creative and intellectual ideas of the three-dimensional works are exhibited and display the same infinite possibilities of arrangements as found in the...

  • Exploring the themes of the double and the negative, this double edition unites two emblematic series by the photographer Pierre Radisic. Constellations reveals on the negative as well as on the positive, skin covered in freckles evoking stellar vaults. Meanwhile in Figures doubles, faces of couples are being confronted until we discover strange...

  • This monography about Walter Leblanc can be considered as a work of reference. It places his sculptural experimentations in the context of his time and explains his finely build body of work, exhecuted in all conciousness. Through the explanatory texts and the artit's essays, the meaningfullness of the intellectual adventure hidden behind this...

  • This publication accentuates certain creative periods of the artist such as the syncretic art and the genetic sculptures. It also shows numerous work illustrations, sketches, performance and video photographs and exhibition views marking the career of this Belgian artiste. Mediocre art in its full swing !

  •  Architect Jussi Vepsäläinen and photographer Jussi Tiainen have produced this well illustrated, easy-to-use paperback that adds to the idea of Helsinki as a wooden city. Most of the more than a hundred sites are easily accessible public buildings. Through the short texts, the reader gets an idea of the typical details of Finish architecture.

  • The identity of this city is a synthesis of urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture. Espoo – Everyday Architecture provides an overview of the civic architecture and environmental construction of the fastest-growing city in the Nordic countries of the 21st century. The book presents 35 case studies ranging from hospitals to schools,...

  • This boook covers ten architectural object having in common to place the human being at the center of the archietural conception. Juha Leiviskä, Pentti Kareoja, Seppo Häkli and Sari Nieminen, are some of the architects represented here, all contributing a text in order to understand their concepts.

  • Architect Olli Pekka Jokela (born 1955) is a well-known Finnish architect of the modern line.  This book presents his versatile production from the end of the 80’s until the present. Jokela has designed both public buildings and residential houses. This catalog is illustrated by photographs and drawings with an introduction written by architect...

  • Timo Heino is known as an artist who avoids no materials. In his hands materials are given new form and meaning. Often his works are also installations which occupy the entire space and sink deep into one’s consciousness. For Heino, raw material isn’t simply an ingredient. It’s something that has its own existence and material history....

  • The first box set contains two catalogs dedicated to the assemblage work of Jeanine Cohen and the tapestries of Javier Fernandez. Both catalogs are richly illustrated; exhibition views, pictures of the works, sketches and preparatory works, accompanied by a scientific essay about the two artists.

  • In the same logic as the collective exhibition, the catalogue is a veritable multi-entry directory. It offers new reading tracks of the BPS22 project inside a unique world heritage location: the Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose.

  • HOTEL CHARLEROI - Annexe looks back at the projects and events carried out in Charleroi from 2010 to 2013. These five booklets were put together by Armin Lorenz Gerold, Daavid Mörtl, Georg Petermichl and Antoine Turillon and boast contributions by 33 artists.

  • This catalogue consecrates Johan Muyle's first important exhibition in Belgium. This artist's book gives us a rare insight in the artist's characteristic universe. Texts: Raoul Vaneigem and Pierre-Olivier Rollin

  • Numbered artist book edited within the framework of Charif Benhelima's exhibition at the BPS22.

  • Catalogue looking back at the artistic process and works of this street art artist. Text: Paul Ardenne

  • Catalogue put together within the framework of the MEMENTO exhibition at the museum of the Hôpital Notre- Dame à la Rose. Texts: Raphaël Debruyn, Nancy Casielles, Alain Bornain and Pierre-Olivier Rollin - Photographs: Marie-Noëlle Dailly - See more at:

  • This catalogue is an illustrated retrospective of the artist's works from 2004 to 2010. Amongst other things, his art questions the emergence of an image, thus of a work, and obsolete characteristic of technologies that seemed revolutionary only yesterday. Texts: Pierre-Yves Desaive, Christophe Veys

  • DVD and book on artist Marcel Mariën. The DVD contains the film by Marcel Mariën (1920-1993), L'Imitation au cinéma, an interview with the director and bonus scenes and cuts. The book analyses the history of the film and comes with texts by M. Mariën. Texts: Xavier Canonne, Nancy Casielles, Marcel Mariën, Dominique Rabourdin, Pierre-Olivier Rollin

  • Catalogue including works of the exhibition, a short explanatory notice and a general presentation of the steering concept. Designed like a homage to "Panini" albums, this catalogue comprises a few stickers and poses as a perishable souvenir of the event. Texts: Nancy Casielles and Pierre-Olivier Rollin

  • This richly illustrated publication traces back the most important exhibitions of the artist as well as his most recent works on the various supports he uses. A contribution by Pierre-Olivier Rollin, commissioner of the 2008 exhibition at the BPS22, significantly called "La peinture virus" (the virus paint), reinstitutes this atypical work in today's...

  • Publications of the two photographic missions and the artist's eponymous exhibition presented in 2009 at the BPS22. A unique look at Wallonia through private houses, ultimately proving to be intimate portraits of their inhabitants. Around one hundred photographs accompanied by a forceful essay by Emmanuel D'Autreppe.

  • Catalogue of the cycle of exhibitions co-produced by the BPS22 (Charleroi) the SMAK (Gent), the Baltic (Centre for Contemporary art, Gateshead, GB) and the Lyon musée d'art contemporain. Texts: Lieven De Cauter, Paulo Herkenhoff, Rudi Laermans, Christine Macel, Jérôme Sans, Warren Siebrits.

  • Residenz traces back the design process of a public sculpture made for the Parc Saint-Léger in Pougues-les- Eaux (F), the inside of which would be the property of the artists. History, ambitions, stakes and evolution of the vast project. Texts: Danièle Yvergniaux, Simona Denicolaï & Ivo Provoost, Bram Van Damme, Marko Stamenkovic.

  • Catalogue gathering two exhibitions (BPS22 and Busan Biennial) of the artist in the line of his participation to the Venice Biennial in 2005. Texts: Honoré δ'O, Dieter Roelstraete, Inge Braeckman, Bart De Baere and Pierre-Olivier Rollin.

  • Catalogue of the group exhibition held at Vienna's Krinzinger Projekte, with Fernando Alvim, Orla Barry, Marcel Berlanger, Gast Bouschet, Jota Castro, Edith Dekyndt, Eric Duyckaerts, Patrick Everaert, Frédéric Gaillard, Kendell Geers, Jean-Luc Moerman, Benoît Plateus, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost and Raphaël Van Lerberghe.

  • Monograph on artist Patrick Everaert. Texts: Eric Mangion and Pierre-Olivier Rollin - See more at:

  • Catalogue of Marthe Wéry's exhibition held at the Tournai musée des Beaux-Arts on the occasion of Lille 2004, European Capital of Culture. This exhibition fell within the framework of the third phase of the programme of Lille 2004 centring on architecture and in phase with the theme of colour, two central preoccupations in the artist's work.

  • Catalogue of Edith Dekyndt's exhibition at the BPS22.

  • Catalogue of the exhibition at the BPS22. Exhibition by African artists chosen in the collection of Hans Bogatzke, who was one of the first European collectors to show interest in contemporary African art.

  • Catalogue of Patrick Everart's exhibition at the BPS22. Texts: Stéphane Corréard, Renaud Huberlant, Pierre-Olivier Rollin

Showing 1 - 43 of 43 items