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  • Through numerous photographs and explanatory texts, this catalog shows works of international artists, who have been interested, once or regularly, in the subject of constellations. In the catalog, the creative and intellectual ideas of the three-dimensional works are exhibited and display the same infinite possibilities of arrangements as found in the...

  • Exploring the themes of the double and the negative, this double edition unites two emblematic series by the photographer Pierre Radisic. Constellations reveals on the negative as well as on the positive, skin covered in freckles evoking stellar vaults. Meanwhile in Figures doubles, faces of couples are being confronted until we discover strange...

  • The first box set contains two catalogs dedicated to the assemblage work of Jeanine Cohen and the tapestries of Javier Fernandez. Both catalogs are richly illustrated; exhibition views, pictures of the works, sketches and preparatory works, accompanied by a scientific essay about the two artists.

  • This catalogue consecrates Johan Muyle's first important exhibition in Belgium. This artist's book gives us a rare insight in the artist's characteristic universe. Texts: Raoul Vaneigem and Pierre-Olivier Rollin

  • Catalogue looking back at the artistic process and works of this street art artist. Text: Paul Ardenne

  • Catalogue put together within the framework of the MEMENTO exhibition at the museum of the Hôpital Notre- Dame à la Rose. Texts: Raphaël Debruyn, Nancy Casielles, Alain Bornain and Pierre-Olivier Rollin - Photographs: Marie-Noëlle Dailly - See more at: http://www.bps22.be/en/Publications/MEMENTO#sthash.cLqDI42Y.dpuf

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In the context of its exhibitions of three dimensional art, Atelier 34zero Muzeum has developed its own publishing house. The catalogs produced by Atelier 34zero Muzeum are a trace of the reflexive work accomplished during the creation of the exhibitions and are furthermore a perfect promotional tool for the artists involved.

Atelier 34zero Muzeum also publishes a collection of contemporary postcards. Having become a reference in the field, Atelier 34zero Muzeum offers its services to other institutions and publishers specialized in the diffusion of post cards. The post cards of Atelier 34zero Muzeum are available in most of the museums and bookshops in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and Luxembourg.

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